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Title: Trillizatixn
Producer: Carter Da Harder
Year: 2017
Label: Zixn Lyfe Records
Track: 02 of 15

A.F.R.X.Wizm (pronounced "Afroism")

Africa is Forever our Residing Origin Within [the movement back to]

Always paying homage to the Motherland and every pro black group before us. We are HUEMANZ MILITIA and this is our -izm [this is the high of black wisdom]. Our peace and our power is what we share with our people, taking pride with everything we do as we deliver our message. Still operating from our base camp, Zixn Lyfe Records; and representing the Red, Black, and Green [RBG]. We are warriors of the AFRXW NATIXN, fighting devils as we rescue our people and deliver them to serenity. Throughout AFRXWIZM you will have the chance to tap into your inner peace as well as your inner revolutionary. We stay mixxn Hip-SXUL [a fusion of old school hip hop mixed with powerful emotions and feeling provoked by soul music]. Always at an opposition to the opposed, a dynamic duo mixxn the coldest sounds with the iLLest methods. [We are HUEMANZ MILITIA and we welcome you to AFRXWizm]


(pron. "Trill-i-zation")

Realize that we don't fuck with you (devils)
We don't fuck with you (devils)
We don't fuck with you (devils) we don't fuck with you (devils)
We don't, we don't

These bitches in the back, they wanna hate every fuckin day they got somethin to say
Did it ever occur to you that we tryna do our own thang?
We ain't tryna get down with your crew, we on somethin new, and its gold
It goes back, back, forth, forth
This is the militia to come and destroy
These devils infiltrating this rap game
Hip-Hop is so, embedded in my soul, (embedded in my soul) hip-soul

Lets go
Hip-soul, hip-soul never ever ever hypno
Southern bred over grits flow
Magnetic to flowetics thats fo sho
Diamonds don't mean nothin when you not here
So get it clear, no sucka shit up over here
Rain on me Madea, please rain on me Madea (Madea)
Run talk yo shit, joe still ain't shit
Never equipped, quilt the words slick
Grammar in my caliber might damage ya
I does laps while you bust naps, check yo stamina
Baby gon breathe, brotha brotha brotha gon breathe
Sista my sista gon breathe, fuck cops around em, let em breathe
Oh let us breathe breathe. Oh let me breathe breathe
Baby baby let me breathe breathe
Oh let me breathe breathe
(Breathe, Breathe Breathe)

Displacin all associations, like I misplaced em because they mistake em for relations
All this actin got me frustrated, so I separate from the crowd of the spectatin
While you waitin on a translation, I'm on to the next move
What's my destination?
Don't ask no questions before I go, check the information

I want you you you to know, you fuck with my crew
We gon get rude
We don't fuck with you, we don't, we don't
We don't fuck with you (with you, we don't fuck with you)

Back off me, back off me, back off me (yea yea)
Don't cross me, don't cross me, don't cross me (yea yea)
Back off me, back off me, back off me
Betta know, now
Back off me, give me room (I ain't tryna be rude)
Back off me, don't cross me (I got shit I'm goin through)
Back off me (oo) Back off me, Back off me (yea yea)



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We are an original breed of warriors and descendants of the motherland. Flying high with our Mos High right by our side as we defeat these devils. Hip-Soul is the genre, a fusion of that classic old school hip hop mixed with the powerful emotions and feelings provoked by soulful music. Always at an opposition to the opposed, a dynamic duo mixxin’ the coldest sounds with the iLLest methods. AFRXW! ... more

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